7 masterpieces that have already made history

Focus on the success of 7 masterpieces considered by many as the "classics of tomorrow."

There is a certain modesty mixed with great enthusiasm when Frédéric Malle speaks about the creations of Editions de Parfums, which he founded 20 years ago. Launched with 9 perfumes in 2000, the collection now includes 31. Focus on the success of 7 masterpieces considered by many as the "classics of tomorrow."
Twenty years is often a time for a first assessment before propelling forward again. On this occasion, Frédéric Malle reviews the iconic perfumes of the collection with us and shares that while the success of a perfume can be rationally explained, it also contains an element of mystery that keeps the creative process exhilarating.

Frédéric Malle emphasizes that for Editions de Parfums, there is no creation without a quest for uniqueness. Thus, at the origin of each opus of the brand, there is always a precise desire that he shares with the perfumer and the common goal to create a distinctive fragrance.

Obviously, in art as in perfumery, it is pretentious to claim to invent anew. Yet, each perfume in the collection has its own personality and contributes to the overall creation.
No matter the perfume, Frédéric Malle has noticed over the years that the ones most beloved are those that tell a story, even if that story is atypical or unique. Drawing a parallel to cinema, he considers all the opuses of Editions de Parfums to be auteur films, some of which become blockbusters.

For Frédéric Malle and the perfumers who composed them, technically, due to the expert way they are constructed and the quality of the materials used, all the opuses of the house could certainly compete for the title of masterpieces.

Frédéric Malle notes that the approach of Editions de Parfums is atypical in the world of perfumery: "we do not seek success at all costs, we seek to be inventive and to create beautiful things." Creating perfumes of impeccable quality, always new, with personality, that fuse with the skin and the person wearing them to the point that they become that person. This is his motto and, according to him, the recipe for a perfume that has a good chance of being liked. He emphasizes that, above all, the house does not engage in mass advertising; the success of the perfumes is an organic success that develops over time.

It must be acknowledged that the clients of Editions de Parfums are its best ambassadors. Through their scent trail and their words as well. Many speak of their favorite perfume as they would of a film or a novel that has touched them deeply.

The name of the perfume, conceived as a title, is undoubtedly the first trigger of desire and a key factor in gaining loyalty. When there is complete harmony between the name and the fragrance, the combination is powerful. This is the case with MUSC RAVAGEUR, for example, which met with great success upon its release in 2000. Ten years later, it was followed by PORTRAIT OF A LADY, a sublime fragrance of absolute elegance, which achieved similar acclaim.

Time and timing. These are other factors that explain the connection between a perfume and its audience.

For Frédéric Malle, even the most polarizing perfumes have their chance. They need to resonate with an archetype that aligns with our times. This is the case with VETIVER EXTRAORDINAIRE, FRENCH LOVER, and CARNAL FLOWER. Others, like Musc Ravageur, demonstrate that trends can always be defied. Oriental in the lineage of Coty's Emeraude or Guerlain's Shalimar, MUSC RAVAGEUR was perceived as a radical innovation, contrasting sharply with the light floral perfumes that were far removed from the overwhelming sensuality it offered. The same goes for BIGARADE CONCENTRÉE and L’Eau d’Hiver; an atypical eau that provides not so much freshness but the comforting warmth of woods and spices.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Editions de Parfums, the 7 masterpieces composed by Dominique Ropion, Jean-Claude Ellena, Maurice Roucel, and Pierre Bourdon are highlighted. Already considered the "classics of tomorrow," they are presented in limited edition bottles, distinguishing them from the rest of the collection this year.

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